Falling into how it is and loving it

Life get’s to be so simple when I realize there is nothing outside of this moment.
There’s nothing but this, here, now!
What about all the stories?
All my thoughts about who I should be, how to relate to other people, how to finally become successful, the Problem With My Mother bubble, the I’m Not Living My Potential story.

My body believes these stories, tensing up, even when I write about it I feel something vaguely tightening around my neck. 
All that stuff that I drag along.
Having so little to do with reality.
They just seem so easy to get lost in...did you ever notice the moment a story begins?

Actually, the stories in our heads are so innocent. Intense, painful, dramatic...but innocent. They can dissolve just like that, in a moment's time, leaving no trace or proof of existance.

Do you know what you were thinking yesterday?
An hour ago?
A minute ago?
All these nights you spent in deep worry, going over and over the story again. Where is it now?

Right at this moment, at the kitchen table typing these words, the sun touches my face through the window (spring is in the air) and all is well. The whole circus simply doesn’t exist! Never has! Never will!
And all that is left is filling my chest like a warm breeze of happiness.