On thoughts

How much longer are we going to listen to the mind as if it knows something?
As if it is creative, or intelligent?
Thoughts merely seem to repeat the same thing over and over again.
Here are some thoughts that pop up in my head regularly.

"You should have been more productive this day"

"It takes far too much time for you to write something"
"If you would be really good at what you do, you would be more succesfull"

Does it make me more productive?
Does it make me finish my writings any sooner?
Does it make me more successful (whatever that means)
Ha ha

So why listen to something that doesn't work? Why shrink, why feel bad, feel ashamed?

The mind just repeats what seemed true once. 
Or what seemed to be the best solution at the time: blaming yourself.

It's like when you renovated your kitchen and you are still looking for the knives in the wrong drawer for a year or so; habits have a way of lingering on.

Thoughts are just habits.
Doesn't mean they are right.

I decided today to not take them so seriously.