Opening a Horcrux

Sometimes I understand so well why we build walls inside, why we ignore our sensitivity and just act as if nothing bothers us.
I know.
Building walls will probably close our heart.
Suppressing our sensitivity will most likely dim the light in our eyes.
Pretending all is fine when it's not might lead to an outburst of rage some day, exploding or imploding, whatever route seems easiest.

But at least we will not have to face our fears and the difficulty of changing our deepest programming.

If you ever read or watched Harry Potter you may remember the Horcruxes. For those who haven't or forgot: A Horcrux is a powerful object in which a dark wizard, in this case Lord Voldemort, has hidden a fragment of his soul to become immortal. Whoever opens the object, is confronted with his or hers biggest personal nightmare or inner conflict. The nightmare will just appear, extremely real and overwhelming, a very impressive 3-D spectacle and can only be overcome by not believing in it.

Isn't this how it works?
(not the part about a dark wizard looking for immortality, I don't know about that ;-).
But when a strong illusion is threatened, the "protection" works quite similar!)

Our old fears will tell us we are no good, that we are selfish, that we don't deserve it.
That we are not allowed to break the family code or let go of feelings of guilt and over-responsibility.

These chains are incredibly strong. Not because they are, but because they seem so real, so true!

In the book the spell is broken when the person who opened the Horcrux, sees through what is presented. Phew! Not an easy thing to do when you feel like jelly and can't think straight!
But then again, life is so kind to present to us our nightmares not only once, so we can practice.

Whoever is opening Horcruxes at the moment, even small ones, stick to the plan.
Love who you are and love that you are standing up for your own truth, whatever it is.


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