Birth and death - The Play of life

What a beautiful time of year! Fresh greens and flowers bursting from their secret hiding places, birds singing and chirping, frogs croaking in the pond and even today, a rainy, grey Tuesday, the air is filled with a sweet perfume. Everything seems to vibrate with new life. read more...

From Ekhart Yoga's blog

Lone Wolf

Sometimes you need to walk alone
Turn away from safety, from good advice 
and warm lights

What about...

What about allowing ourselves to not know? To not know how to solve that problem, to not know what will happen next?

Bless what feels broken

“You know, people come to therapy really for blessing. Not so much to fix what’s broken, but to get what’s broken blessed.” 
- James Hillman

Becoming 'whole' is not about fixing parts in us that feel broken, damaged or hurt.
As if we are somehow imperfect the way we are.
As if we are supposed to be happy, healed and positive. And that, if we are not, we should do something about it. In other words, take our hurt and get it fixed.