Bless what feels broken

“You know, people come to therapy really for blessing. Not so much to fix what’s broken, but to get what’s broken blessed.” 
- James Hillman

Becoming 'whole' is not about fixing parts in us that feel broken, damaged or hurt.
As if we are somehow imperfect the way we are.
As if we are supposed to be happy, healed and positive. And that, if we are not, we should do something about it. In other words, take our hurt and get it fixed.
As if it is not supposed to be there.

But life sometimes hurts. 
It is painful, beautiful, unbearable, blissful, boring, amazing, horrifying, peaceful. It's all there, in all flavors, colors and expressions. And It is all we will ever experience.

We cannot just experience half of it.
It is all part of our experience, part of who we are.

Imagine what it would feel like if you would bless your hurt. If you would bless your feeling of failure, your incompetence, your fear.
Imagine what would happen if you would embrace your anger, your jealousy.
Or just the little frustration about your hair this morning.

I know it sounds wrong, or impossible to do. How can you bless what you hate? Love what you don't want to feel?
Well, you may never have tried. 
It's not about turning hurt into something nice so you can love it. 
It's not even about accepting what you feel.
It is about really meeting the feeling, the sensation of it. Not your ideas, or any other label that you have ready for it. Have you ever met your hurt this way? Open and loving, knowing it is not your enemy, but just a sensation that wants to be felt?

Even your resistance that you may feel this moment is something you can meet this way.

Don't think it. Feel it. Try to feel it right now.

So what about loving our hurt?
Loving our anger, our powerlessness? Our wounds and frustration?
Indeed, bless what feels broken?


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