What about...

What about allowing ourselves to not know? To not know how to solve that problem, to not know what will happen next?

(the mind says yes, but...yes, but...yes, but...) 

Truth is, we have no clue, don't we, we do not know what will happen next! 

(the mind says yes, but...yes, but...)

(If you are like me, I can feel that frantic urge to do know what will happen next. This morning I need to write something for my blog, something inspiring, but nothing comes up. I can't just say "I don't know" and drink coffee all morning. I need to come up with something, I need to....)

Do you really? What about allowing yourself to not know what to write about?

(the mind says yes, but...)

Truth is, you just DON'T KNOW, do you? 

(the mind says yes,...)

No, you don't. So relax. Have a cup of coffee. Enjoy sitting at your kitchen table, happily not having a clue. Have a little trust in life, will you?


Esther xx

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