Healing the split inside

In our Western culture we are supposed to be fit, vibrant and up, fixing our downbeat emotions as quickly as possible. Should we? Or do we miss out on the treasures found in unsettling feelings, leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves?

Being on the (b)right side
Even though we may realize that a lot of emphasis these days is on being vibrant and positive and the bombardment of boosting one-liners on the internet may become a bit much, still the attraction of being on the bright side of life is a powerful one.

We love to feel positive and up, perhaps because it makes us feel we are more in control of things.
We feel on top of it, whatever "it" means. 
We feel we are in the right lane, being safe for a moment, joining the happy, carefree bunch.

Reconnect with Yourself

Do you ever feel that you are living your life but somehow lost contact with who you really are? Do you ever wonder if you are doing what you truly love to do or that you are just hanging in there because...well, it seems ok enough? 

Stop and listen
It can be challenging to stop the train of daily occupation, and get out for a moment to connect again to your true self. To stop and listen to your own voice and what it has to say. Are you still doing what you want? Are you living the life you want, with people that support and inspire you? Is there something that keeps bothering you under the surface that you need to look into in order to clear the way to your happiness and freedom?

Living the life you want is not about changing yourself into a successful person. It is about connecting to who you are already and living your life according to your own truth.