Ready for the day

Early this morning, I found myself opening my laptop, my mind already racing with all the things I needed to do today. It was still dark outside and I didn't have breakfast yet. I felt a pressure on my shoulders, and suddenly saw my face reflected in the window. Serious, a wrinkle between my eyes.
I needed to slow down.
Our dog, lying in front of the blazing hearth, lifted his head for a moment, looking at me wearingly, then sighed deeply and let his head fall back on the floor, resuming his dog dreams.
Silence. Only the sound of the crackling logs in the fire, the almost boiling water for my tea and my breath going in and out.

The beauty of silence or stillness, is that it is available always. Even when it's noisy.

Its presence enfolded me now like a thick blanket, quiet and full.
I made my tea and sat down, closing my laptop, closing the world.
My body still tense and thoughts pressing me to get to work. 
I connected to the pressure, that manifested as a stony, airless energy in my stomach. A ball of tension.
And slowly, by just sitting with it, the ball relaxed. Opening in soft, vulnerable feelings that spread in my chest. I would be ok, even if I didn't get my deadlines or forgot important things.
Even if I did nothing.
Ready for the day now.

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