Find it now

There’s a deep longing in all of us to feel connected, to feel that warm reassurance of being together andnot alone. 
We have this longing because we feel somehow separate from others, drifting, on our own little island, with a hurting heart. We long for warmth, for natural beingness, for being part of that big body of existence, rich and fluid and alive. We long for being ourselves, without questioning each step we make: are we doing things right, are we meaningful and loved enough?

It is like we cut ourselves loose, severed our hearts, head and limbs from something life-giving, and drifted into space, away from the mothership. We feel lonely, we do not know who we are, and believe we somehow are supposed to manage this life on our own.
It is a painful illusion. We feel separated, and reach out to feel connected again. But the gap that we try to bridge, that gap of hateful beliefs about ourselves, will keep us right where we are, hungry for scraps of love and validation that are thrown our way.

Truth is, we are connected already. We are inside the mothership, safe and sound. We never left. We are warmly embraced and inspired by each other, from moment to moment. The painful illusion of separation is indeed an illusion, held in place by the mistake that we are unlovable in our core.

What do you believe about yourself this very moment?

Become aware of your thoughts, of the sensations in your body.
Where do you believe love is to be found? In the way other people look at you? Out there somewhere? In the future? In the past? In some unreachable place that is definitely not your own home? 
Find it now, here, in your belly, in your heart. Fill yourself up with it, claim it, hold it, be it. Stop pretending that you are any less than love and clarity, and come home to who you are.

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