Glowing heart

See that glowing heart under the surface?

Perhaps faint and muffled, covered with unbelief and worn out thoughts. 
Perhaps hidden by a layer of dust; countless grey particles of discouragement and self-doubt.
Perhaps buried under stories of self loathing and shame.
When we do not focus on our love and goodness, on our innocence and purity, on our joy and happiness, we will not see it.
Our hearts stay out of sight, tucked away under a colorless blanket of disbelief.

So shift focus. Right in this moment.
Focus on your heart, that never stopped being perfectly alive, shiny and bright.
Focus on your inner brilliance, your inner warmth.
It is your birthright, your true nature.
It may hurt to shift this focus. Because you will also become aware of the stuff that covered it for so long. And in becoming aware of it, it’s easy to get distracted, to get lost in what you didn’t get and feeling powerless and sad because of it.

Then focus again. 

Find that glowing heart under the surface, that source of brilliance that you are. In its light, old beliefs will melt, simply because they cannot hold themselves up any longer.

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