How to take care of yourself

How can you take care of yourself?
By taking care of yourself. 

Not the “taking a hot bath and have piece of chocolate because I deserve it” kind of care, but real care.
Listening to your inner hurt, your small and big fears, your feelings of unworthiness and believing you are unlovable. Listening and understanding, being there for yourself by gently holding those feelings and let them speak up. What is your hurt about? What made you feel small and invisible today?

In this quiet, sincere attention your fears will come to rest. You will realize the untruth of your inner child’s beliefs, beliefs forged so long ago but that still trick you into feeling guilty, ugly or ashamed.
Sit with yourself like you would sit with a wounded child. Offer her or him safety, respect, and as much love as you can muster. No longer invest in taking sides against who you are, criticizing your moves and expressions. This healing will never come from outside. No person, no circumstance, no achievement will ever be able to fill this gap inside. Only when you begin to listen and care for your own woundedness, choosing unconditionally for who you are already, can you rest in your self.

It may take time and dedication, but when the gap closes, incredible love and ease flow in, not because you are finally good but because you finally love who you are. Your story falls away, your anxiety no longer holds. It was always your own self hatred that created your inner suffering. Without it, your natural state, one of ease and clarity, begins to shine effortlessly. This is perhaps the greatest freedom you will ever experience.

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