Just to sit for a while

So nice sometimes to just sit for a while.
In the garden. 
Or somewhere quiet.
In your own company.
Letting go of all these small burdens that somehow settled on your shoulders.
Letting go of roles you play, taking them a wee bit too serious.
Letting go of it all.

Perhaps it’s a women’s thing.
To focus on the needs of others and lose your center in doing so.
Which isn’t helpful for anybody.
And certainly not solving anything.

So this morning I sat down with my coffee on a bench in the garden.
Feeling like the possum with the babies on her back.
Bit like an overpopulated planet.

What a relief to let go.
Let go of my imagined responsibilities.
Of worries about things that are already in the past.
To simply be weightless and here.

And how amazingly life reacts when you are available again!

Available to the fresh morning air.
To the cat.
To the moment.
To myself.

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