Fear is a silent intruder.
It comes in through the backdoor without making a sound and suddenly seizes you in its icy grip.
Crumbling your foundation
bringing down your walls of safety
leaving your body in a state of panic.

An unwelcome guest, fear is!
Such a relentless force.
But then again,
a powerful teacher as well.

Fear forces you to go beyond your old ways, your set ideas about yourself.
It exposes your hiding places, your mind constructions.
It will find them all.
You won’t be able to wear your mask to the world any longer.
You won’t be able to pretend, or keep your true feelings hidden.
Your body is no longer able to cover up for you.

Fear forces you to surrender to your inability to control life.
Your inability to be someone you are not.
Your inability to hide yourself or believe in your own lies.

Fear, in the end, crushes your house of cards,
but when you are willing to lose it all,
it will leave you naked,
in the deep safety of your true self.

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