Born in 1963 in Vancouver, Canada, Esther moved to the Netherlands in her early childhood. After working in the music industry for several years as a singer, she felt the need for a profound change and began to work as an artist, making objects of various materials. During these years she became interested in spirituality and psychology, followed many courses and trainings and became a qualified coach. In 2007 Esther started coaching and teaching meditation classes. Some years later, after joining Ekhart Yoga (an online yoga website) as a meditation teacher, she began working with people worldwide, teaching workshops all around Europe.

Her first book, "Past the Gate, a little book about finding freedom", is available as a free download on this website, a book about seeing through painful beliefs about yourself and learning to love who you are.
Esther lives in Lelystad, the Netherlands with her husband. They have one daughter.

You can contact Esther here

Mailing adress: Groene Velden 114, 8211 BC The Netherlands