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In a few easy steps you can schedule one or several coaching sessions to help you gain insight and clarity on something you struggle with or want to get into on a deeper level. Sharing your personal, vulnerable stuff can be quite a step, so to make sure I am the right person for you, I offer a FREE 30 minutes Skype Call so we can get to know each other before you book a session.

Coaching online may perhaps seem a bit strange or 'distant' if you are not familiar with it, but my experience is that is works perfectly fine. An online session is no less intimate or direct than any offline coaching and...a great advantage is that even being on the other side of the globe, we can connect with each other from our own homes!

A bit about me
Before I began my coachings practice in 2007, I developed my intuitive skills in energy and chakra reading and making art. Later I explored other fields such as meditation and body awareness, and studied various forms of self-development over the years. Learn more about my background here.

How do we connect?
Online coaching works via Skype. All you need for your online coaching session is a computer, a Skype account, a good internet connection and an uninterrupted place to sit. Don’t have a Skype account? Get your free account here!

About your Free 30 minutes Skype call...
Before scheduling a coaching session, we will first have a FREE 30 minute skype call, to meet up and explore what you want to work with. If we both feel we are a match, we can plan our first 1 hour coaching session (or a series in advance if you prefer that).

How does it work?
.Submit your interest in connecting with me by filling in the form below.

2. After receiving your request, I will send you a short questionnaire by email so I will know what you want to work with. Send this back to me and I will email you as soon as possible to schedule your FREE 30 minute call!
3. Having your FREE 30 minute Skype call
In this call we will get to know each other and talk a little more about what you want to focus on. We also schedule your first coaching session(s). After our call you will receive an email with the payment-details. A skype session costs €75,- You can pay by bank or via Paypal. You can also pay some sessions in advance (no reduction).
4. Pay your scheduled coaching session(s) 
After receiving your payment, your session (or a series of sessions) is booked.  
4. Having your 1 hour coaching session
I will Skype you at the exact scheduled time, so make sure you are ready and set! At the end of the session we plan the following session(s). 

Past the Gate coaching 
If you have read my e-book "Past the Gate, a little book about finding freedom" and are interested in working specifically with the issues discussed in the book, I do recommend to look into the Past the Gate Week Retreats offered on this site. However, if that is not an option for you, you can also book sessions online to work with me individually. This works the same as a 'regular' coaching session; fill in the request form and let me know what you would like to focus on.


Who are the sessions for?
For anybody struggling with issues like
-Low self esteem
-Insecurity, anxiety, worries
-Guilt, Shame
-Lack of purpose
-Blocked creativity

What to expect from a session?
The main purpose of the sessions is to find the 'sting' of the problem, and explore your emotions and fears attached to it. My aim will be to re-connect you with your own integrity and truth, because from this place of connectedness your perspective becomes more clear and you can more easily deal with the challenges present in your life. We will mostly talk during the sessions, but also we may focus on body awareness or work with other non-verbal techniques. I may give you some 'home-work' for in between sessions; some practical reminders to help you integrate what we discussed.

How many sessions do I need and how often?
This depends on what you want to work on and what you need. Sometimes you may want just one session. Most common though, when you want to work deeper, is to start with 4 sessions (once a week) and if necessary, continue with sessions every two weeks, or even monthly. Every sequence is possible, whatever works best for you! We will discuss this in the Free 30 minutes Call and can adapt at any time during the course of the sessions.

Do you only offer Skype sessions or ‘live’ sessions as well?
It is also possible to do a live session with me in my hometown Lelystad in the Netherlands. Costs will be the same. If you prefer this, you can mention this in the questionnaire in my reply email.

Can I also have my coaching session in the evening or in the weekend?
Unfortunately, I do not schedule Skype sessions after 6.00 (18.00 European time) or during the weekend. 

What does a coaching session cost?
A one hour session costs €95,-

The online coaching sessions are paid in advance. Once your payment is done, the booking is final. You can also pay some sessions in advance (no reduction). You can pay by bank or via Paypal. You will receive Payment details in the mail sent to you after the FREE 30 minutes Skype call.

If, for whatever reason, you need to cancel a scheduled session, please let me know as soon as possible by sending me an email so we can re-schedule. (Not via a Skype message, I will only open Skype minutes before the session). Note: If I don't hear from you before the session is due, your payment is non-refundable! Sessions cancelled later than one hour before the session will be charged as well.