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The Past the Gate Week Retreats I’m offering are based on the free e-book "Past the Gate, a little book about finding freedom" an easy and accessible read about freeing yourself from childhood hurt and learning to deeply love who you are. You can download the book on this website.

Past the Gate Week Retreat
This seven day Retreat will take you on an inner journey, unraveling toxic beliefs and offering you tools to connect with the wounded child in yourself. Connecting with this essential part of you is deeply healing, re-uniting you with what you had to suppress or deny for a long time. Once this connection with your Inner Child is made, you are ready to focus on establishing a strong bond by becoming an Inner Parent and taking care of your vulnerable, authentic self in a loving way.

We will work with meditation, inquiry (questions that are designed to increase your insight in an inner pattern), doing exercises in two-or threesomes, bodywork, visualization and group sharing. 

Who are the Past the Gate Week Retreats for?
The retreats are for anyone who:

  • Has already done some form of self-inquiry before: therapy, meditation, emotional/spiritual awareness trainings, groupwork etc. 
  • Is motivated and ready to honestly look into deep, inner patterns
  • Is ready to dedicate her/himself to connect with authenticity and truth 

    *Any questions about this, or have no previous self-inquiry experience? Please email me so we can explore the possibilities.

To make sure the retreat will be right for you, read the e-book "Past the Gate, a little book about finding freedom" that you can download for free on this website. Do this before subscribing to a retreat, so you will know if the subject resonates with you, and you will have an idea about the process in advance!

What is offered in this week? 

This one week get-together offers a safe and loving holding, allowing you to connect with deeper layers in yourself. Away from your normal daily activities and responsibilities, you can commit yourself to your personal process while receiving clear guidance, encouragement and support. 

What you will be doing this week:

  • Meeting your Inner Child
  • Building trust and confidence between the two of you
  • Connecting with your childhood hurt
  • Allowing emotions and feelings to surface 
  • Giving room to grief 
  • Understanding who the Inner Parent is
  • Practicing being the Inner Parent
  • Exploring the gem inside 
  • Celebrating your true colors!

What will be available for you:

  • A safe group setting, offering you encouragement and the realization that you are not alone
  • Esther’s guidance, with the possibility to schedule (free) private sessions during the retreat
  • Tools to connect with your Inner Child and become an Inner Parent
  • Exercises, meditations and other supportive activities, done individually or with the group
  • Lots of time to spend by yourself to regenerate and replenish (in nature or somewhere quiet)
  • A beautiful place to stay with delicious cooked food

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“I wasn't sure what to expect of this week and if I would feel safe enough in a new group. But during the week we build trust and ease, through sharing our feelings, meditating and dancing together and also the talks we had in between." Ione, the Netherlands